Industrial Heating Boiler Repair in Minneapolis, MN, Metro Area

Serving Maplewood, Blaine, St. Paul, MN and Surrounding Areas

Moorhead Machinery & Boiler Co. offers a dedicated and well qualified commercial boiler repair crew for a wide range of repair work. Our staff is certified to perform many ASME weld procedures from carbon steel to exotic metals such as Hastolly. We offer decades of knowledge to repair anything from 100-year-old boilers to today’s modern systems. Our servicemen are also trained annually for all job site safety requirements including confined space entry and recovery.

For free estimates in the state of MN, Just call:

Jeff McPheeters: Cell# 612-802-5702 / Dave Fluey: Cell# 612-867-3539

Additionally, our crew performs more than just commercial boiler repair at schools, offices, or apartment buildings. We also proudly service industrial processing plants, manufacturing companies, paper mills, and other industrial companies around Minneapolis, MN. Or, if you have an emergency, we will promptly arrive at your place of business to rectify the issue.

Benefit From Our Wide-Ranging Capabilities

Our ability to fabricate new parts sets us apart from the rest. So, when your boiler repair project requires modifications or alterations, we make the design calculations and implement the change. Call our crew to your Minneapolis, MN business whenever you need the following services:

  • Hot water or steam boiler rebuilding or repairs
  • Smokestack and boiler smoke box replacement and repairs
  • Mudleg replacement and/or repairs
  • New burner throat mounting ring installations
  • New manway installations
  • Partial or complete retubing
  • Tube sheet replacement
  • Staybolt replacement

As before mentioned, we perform all of our projects as per ASME code. We have also earned a variety of authorizations and code stamps from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors, including:

  • “R” Stamp for Repair and Alteration, Certificate R 69
  • “U” Stamp for Pressure Vessels, Certificate 605
  • “S” Stamp for Power Boilers, Certificate 4,996
  • “H” Stamp for Heating Boilers, Certificate 17,995
  • “M” Stamp for Miniature Boilers, Certificate 3,919

We worked hard to build the skills and track record necessary to qualify for these stamps. As a result, you can depend on us to provide quality boiler repair during any project, no matter how complex.

Call Our Crew in Minneapolis, MN

Keep your business running smoothly by scheduling boiler services with us today. To get your free estimate, call Jeff McPheeters at 612-802-5702 or Dave Fluey at 612-867-3539. Or, if you have any general questions, feel free to contact us at 612-789-3541.

Our services include:

  • Commercial steam and hot water boiler repairs and rebuilding
  • Complete or partial retubing
  • Tube sheet replacement
  • Mudleg repairs and or replacement
  • Staybolt replacement
  • New manway installations
  • Smoke stack repairs and replacements including the boiler smoke boxes
  • Installation of new burner throat mounting rings for all types of burners

If you need to have any alterations or modifications done to your boiler or pressure vessel our engineering department can perform the design calculations required per ASME code.

Code Stamps and Authorizations held By Moorhead Machinery and Boiler Company:

American Society of Mechanical Engineers:

  • “M”  Stamp for Miniature Boilers
    Certificate 3919
  • “S” Stamp for Power Boilers
    Certificate 4996
  • “U” Stamp for Pressure Vessels
    Certificate 605
  • “H” Stamp for Heating Boilers
    Certificate 17,995

The National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors:

  • “R” Stamp for Repair and Alteration
    Certificate R 69

Please contact Moorhead Machinery & Boiler Company today for any boiler repairs, metal fabrication, or welding you need in Minneapolis, MN.

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